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Important Notice to All PBS Users

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Dr. Blumenthal, the author of PBS office billing software, has passed after a long bout with cancer. In accordance with his wishes, we will be open-sourcing the software under a Creative Commons license, and making it available to the community to use or extend as it sees fit. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue supporting the software. However, we have set up the following Google Group: PBS Users Group, where you can connect with other users of the software (you will need a free Google account to join).

If you wish to make a donation in Jerry's name, we encourage you to make a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

- The Blumenthals, 1/29/11

Welcome to the home web page for Blumenthal Software, makers of PBS office billing software for psychiatrists and psychologists. PBS has helped psychiatrists and psychologists manage their practices since 1977, providing single provider and multiple provider offices with a flexible inexpensive solution to the problems of billing and financial record keeping. The current PBS program, PBSW24, collects the data needed to print insurance forms and statements to patients and provides a variety of options for printing and reporting on the practice.


Current Products

PBSW24 produces statements, the standard HCFA insurance form (with NPI). PBSW2 is suitable for solo or group practice or for a billing agency; it is easy to create separate data sets for each provider if you wish. Note that PBSW2 is inherently networkable; there is only one version, for single computer use or for network; also note that data from the DOS versions of pbs can be imported into pbsw.

Click here for more information regarding PBSW2.

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As mentioned above, PBS is no longer for sale. We will be providing instructions on downloading the software and/or the source code in the near future.

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Historical Information

PBS was programmed originally in 1977 using Apple Basic on the Apple //. The PBS initials stand for Psychiatrist's Billing System or Psychologist's Billing System. I changed the name to PBS because the two programs were actually identical.

After the IBM PC was developed, I used Turbo Pascal for the PC. PBS version 1 for the PC used Btrieve to manage data files. PBS2 and PBS3 used BTree Filer, a proprietary data record manager from Turbopower Software, Inc. PBS DOS (verson 3) was introduced in 1993 and runs in a "DOS box" under Windows 95 through XP. I no longer offer PBS3 for sale. DOS programs have become much harder to support because the hardware and operating systems currently offered are tending to produce incompatibilities. In addition, the tools I use to create the program are harder to use on the newer machines and with the newer operating systems

PBSW was developed in 1995 with Borland's Delphi, a Windows form of Pascal. PBSW1 (released in 1997) used Paradox for its data files. PBSW2 was released in 1999, and used DBIsam, a Windows database manager from Elevate Software. PBSW24 was released in August 2006, and also uses DBIsam.

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